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Welcome to our Whistleblower Channel. The purpose of this Whistleblowing Channel is to establish an effective mechanism so that, through the collaboration of all persons related to our society, they may find themselves in irregular or illicit practices that contravene the values and principles established in our  Code of Conduct  or in thePenal Code.

The formulation of complaints through the Whistleblower Channel was made in accordance with the provisions of the  Code of Conduct   of Hotel Spa Palacio Benalmádena and, in any case, subject to the provisions of the Rules of Operation of the Whistleblower Channel and the Policy of Privacy, which is necessary to read and accept previously.

In case your claim is related to the quality of any of our products or services, please contact Customer Service through any of the means established to do so on our website.

To report a complaint press NEXT and fill in the form.

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