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Always looking for the balance with a quality service and respectful with the environment. Continuously managing and improving the effectiveness of their processes while minimizing their environmental impacts, through the systematization, analysis and improvement of processes. PREVENT POLLUTION


Benalmadena Palace  is aware of the direct impact of its activity on the environment and therefore works to minimize it through projects designed to ensure efficiency and savings in energy and water consumption, protect biodiversity and avoid pollution. To this end, various projects have been implemented ranging from standardisation in measurement systems to produce reliable and comparable figures for measuring the reality and results of the different actions, to external certification in sustainability for the hotels.

Sustainable Awareness 
We make our staff, guests and suppliers aware of how important small initiatives are to achieve great results.

Water saving   
We believe in a responsible use of water and we work to minimize any wasted water and maximize reuse.

Waste Management
We reduce the amount of waste created by our activity to a minimum; we manage this waste so that it can be recycled and appropriately treate. 

Energy Saving 
We use energy efficient appliances in order to reduce our energy consumption, both in terms of electricity and fuel. 

Wildlife Protection 
We take part in wildlife conservation programmes with actions that protect endangered species or their habitats.

CO2 Emission Reduction  We aim to continue reducing the pollution generated by our activities. The new energy-saving measures help us to be more efficient in terms of energy use

Certify with Travelife
Continue to improve our actions to achieve our environmental objectives.
Donation of food remains that can be reused for farms, compost.
Contribution to the Spanish forest conservation program.



ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certification Monitoring and compliance in 80% of the established annual objectives Energy certification by EDP we use 100% renewable energy