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Rights of Minors

Rights and protection of minors

Rights and protection of minors


Benalmadena Palace social commitment consists of its responsibility towards its employees and the community in which it carries out its business. Both are governed by respect and by encouraging personal, economic and professional development.

Goals: Fulfill the commitments made


  • Training for employees regarding the detection of possible cases of child abuse.
  • Managers and intermediate managers, in management skills.
  • Promote steps to support local communities, broadening the scope of action.
  • Promote the own consumption and of customers of National, Regional and sustainable products.


  • Sponsorship of social entities and projects: example, food without Barriers, collaborating with the municipality of Benalmádena and AEHCOS..
  • Charitable collections for local entities, such as donation of food to a religious center.
  • A varied and specific training program (General and by departments) to promote the personal and professional growth of our employees.
  • Collaboration with entities for labor reintegration, such as agreements with the Red Cross, among others.
  • Aid to different centers that request it as Linceci, to help relatives of children with cancer.
  • Donation of remains of food suitable for animal consumption or manufacture of compost to animal farms