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Welcome to Benalmádena Palace
The 4* favourite hotel in the Costa del Sol

Outdoor Pools

Hotel Benalmadena provides an outdoor pool for adults and a separate pool for children, both, at all times supervised by our lifeguard

Free Pool Towels Service available at reception.


Since Febrery 2015 all our pool purification systems are adapated to saline chloration.

Salt is a lot softer on skin, hair and eyes then chlorine.  This means there are many health benefits of a saltwater pool versus a chlorine pool, including: No red irritated eyes, no itchy, irritated skin, they are less harsh on your hair and they are far more suitable for asthma and allergy sufferers.Another advantage of saltwater swimming pools is the lowered use of chemicals. Hotels with  saltwater pools don't have to store and handle toxic chemicals on a regular basis. This means that a saltwater swimming pool is more environmentally safe. You also won't have to suffer the odor of chlorine anymore. The levels of chlorine in the water are low while still being effective. This also means that you won't have to deal with dry skin, green hair, and fading swimming suits.

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